Hendall Loeffler is a ceramic, sound, and fiber artist from North Carolina.  They started Killdeer Pottery in 2015 and produce work in their backyard studio in Durham, NC.  They enjoy the physicality of working with clay as well as the design process and satisfaction from knowing their work will be used by their friends and community.

While continuously making and creating work my background is mostly with plants.  I studied herbal medicine in college and started and ran several small scale organic flower and herb farms for years.  Currently I'm looking to bridge the two and find away to combine my love of plants and growing and my interest in ceramics.

I'm  interested in working with ceramics using a variety of different techniques to design and decorate functional pots of various types.  I'm specifically interested in relief techniques like sgraffito and wax resist which feels reminiscent of various printmaking techniques.


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